More than 400 years of History…

Wine is the expression of Man’s passion for the earth, enriched by the best of heaven, the terroir,
and the grape variety; a perfect combination, and the background for a wine with a soul at the heart
of it.”
Stanislas GOUIN
CEO and Co-funder

From the beginning, even though it was never a quiet, bubble-free wine, Champagne is linked to
excellence, luxury, festivities and victory; there is no other drink at home.
The favorite wine of the royal courts for centuries, Champagne as it is consumed today, is the result
of a miracle – masterfully overcoming the difficulties and turning the same into benefits.
Clovis, the first king of the Franks, was baptized in Reims, and already the wines of the region were
at the coronation festival. Until 1825, Champagne was the wine of the coronation of kings.
From Louis XIV, its foamy version is added to the king’s table at Versailles and never leaves it. The
Champagne wine trade must then be carried out with the help of Louis XV who promulgated a
royal decree authorizing the transport of wine in baskets of 50 to 100 bottles, which allowed a wide
dissemination of the wine beyond the borders of the country.

In the 1850s, the effervescence of the Champagne conquered the artistic and sporting circles and
became a symbol of celebration in all ceremonies. It is by becoming sparkling (circa 1650) and by
developing its intelligence in the art of its creation by its winemakers, that Champagne acquired its
acclaim and became the most well-known wine in the world.
Yet, far beyond the cliches, this exceptional wine is anything but simple: its purity and elegance are
at the same time the fruit of chance and human genius; a mysterious result of a long, sophisticated
sequenced labor. The constant care required for its production is more labor intensive and insightful
than for any other wine.

Then, with the magic of time, in the hollow of its ideal chalk cellars, it becomes a wine of illusion
and staging – wanting to be “liberated” with the image of the flying cork!

Creating a Champagne is a wonderful thing! With Stanislas, and thanks to our partners, we have
developed a Champagne of passion, with a unique character that carries with it all the tradition and
the richness of our common heritage.”
His Royal Highness Prince Henri of Orléans
Count of Paris, Duke of France

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